Home Seller Tips – Attract buyers quickly

Now is a great time to sell your home in Denver. In 2015, the Mile High City has ranked consistently high in demand for real estate, and list prices on homes have been strong as a result. As you prepare to list your home, there are a few steps you can take to help ensure that it sells quickly and for a good price.

Step 1: Find a real estate agent

One of the first steps you should take when preparing to sell your home is working with a qualified real estate agent. Although not required by law, there are several important benefits to working with an agent versus trying to sell on your own:

  • The right skills. Licensed real estate agents have the training and experience to list your home strategically and make sure potential buyers see it.
  • Market knowledge and pricing. Agents live and breathe real estate every day, and they know your market. With their expertise, your home will be priced right for a quicker sale.
  • Access to buyers. Your agent has immediate access to a network of potential buyers through fellow agents and online tools.
  • An agent will list your property through the multiple property listing (MLS) service, which ensures that people around the globe can find your listing. In addition, agents are skilled at aggressively marketing your home in your local area.
  • Pre-qualifying and negotiating with buyers. When it comes time to negotiate with a potential buyer, you can rely on the expertise and training of your agent.
  • Working with an agent means you can leave the work of marketing, showing and selling your home to them. Your time is valuable, and your agent is dedicated to ensuring that your home sells as quickly as possible.

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Step 2: Price your home

Listing prices vary and depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • Current demand for homes and the number of homes available for sale
  • Recent sales of home similar to yours (known as comparables)
  • Perceived value

Your real estate agent will walk you through the process as you choose a listing price for your home. He or she will explain the current market trends, show you the comparables in your area and discuss potential buyers’ perceived value of your home and your neighborhood. Together, you will decide on a listing price that fits well with that perceived value – with the goal of attracting several strong offers as quickly as possible. In addition, your agent will counsel you on the right time to adjust the price, if necessary.

Step 3: Make sure your home shows well

When potential buyers walk into your home for the first time, you want them to envision what life will be like when they move in – from enjoying their morning coffee on the front porch to hosting holiday dinners in the spacious dining room.

Help buyers see your property’s assets immediately by taking the following steps:

  • Spruce up the curb appeal. The home’s exterior is a buyer’s first impression. Fresh paint, neatly trimmed shrubbery and neat walkways invite people to come inside and see more.
  • You enjoy your home’s lived-in quality, but buyers need to be able to envision their family living there – not yours. Clean up visible clutter, tidy closets and cupboards, and pack up personal items to create a simple, neat presentation for showings.
  • Handle repairs and touch-ups. Smudges on walls, gaping nail holes and other minor imperfections can leave a potential buyer with the impression that the home is in poor shape. Taking care of minor repairs and adding a fresh coat of neutral paint can work wonders.
  • Consider strategic renovations. In some cases, larger renovations can help you sell a home. Air conditioning is an attractive add-on for buyers, for example. However, ask your real estate agent for advice before proceeding with any high-ticket projects. You want to be sure any money you invest now will result in a worthwhile return in terms of a faster sale or higher sales price.

Have questions?

If you have questions about where to start, contact us. Our team of skilled real estate agents in Denver can help guide you as you prepare to sell your home. Even if you are not quite ready to sell, we are here to share the information that can help you make this important decision.