Homebuyer Tips – Buying your next home could be as easy as 1-2-3.

So you’re ready to buy a home. Congratulations! Whether this is your first home or another in a series of home purchases, buying a home is always exciting process. Lucero Real Estate is here to guide you through the process and help you find the perfect home at the best price. Let’s start with some tips

Step 1: Make a list of what you’re looking for in your next home.

Some things to consider:

Location. What part of town do you want to be in? How will the new home’s location affect your commute to work? Do you want to be near public transportation, shopping, nightlife or other attractions? Are you looking for family-friendly neighborhoods with great schools? For more on Denver’s neighborhoods, check out our neighborhood guide.

Size. How many bedrooms do you need? How many bathrooms? Are you looking for a large home for a growing family or a cozy space just for you?

Layout and design. Do you want an open concept that’s great for entertaining, or a more segmented space with more private rooms? What about the overall design? Do you like ranches, two-story traditional houses, split-level homes, attached townhomes or modern concepts?

Lot. Do you need a big backyard for kids and the family dog to run around in? Would you prefer a smaller, low-maintenance yard? Are you looking for a private retreat sheltered from the neighbors or a property in a close-knit community?

Fixer-upper or move-in ready? Do you relish the challenge of renovating a property to your exact needs, or are you looking for the simplicity of a house that’s already finished? Maybe somewhere in between?

Modern amenities or older character? Do you prefer a new home with all the latest features, or an older property with the charm of a bygone era? New homes generally come with larger rooms and closets, and are built for today’s trends in family living—with features like open concepts and connected kitchen/living spaces. However, many older homes provide more total square footage for the money, as well as bigger yards. And taxes could be lower on some older homes.

Step 2: Set your budget.

First, determine how much house can you afford. Next, figure out how much house you want to buy. You may not want to buy a property at the top of your budget range. Perhaps you plan some expensive renovations, or you have some other monthly expenses coming up. Factor these items into your calculations, and then provide your real estate broker with a target price range. To help you determine your ideal monthly payment and mortgage amount, use our mortgage calculator.

Step 3: Contact a Lucero Real Estate broker.

Our friendly real estate brokers are experts on the Denver real estate market, and deeply knowledgeable about the area’s different neighborhoods, school districts and housing trends. In your initial consultation, we’ll review your house wish list and formulate a plan for finding your ideal home. Contact us today to get the process started!