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The neighborhood is bordered on the west by Colorado Boulevard, on the north by Severn Ave. and on the south by East Alameda Avenue. The Eastern border is uneven, but … Read More


P.T. Barnum of “The Barnum & Bailey Circus” bought 760 acres of undeveloped land just west of Denver and platted a subdivision in 1882. He paid $11,000 for the land. … Read More

Cherry Creek

The Cherry Creek neighborhood is bordered by University and Colorado Boulevards and 6th and Exposition Avenues. The neighborhood features the Cherry Creek mall, boutiques, shops, art galleries, salons, restaurants and … Read More

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In my more than 20 years in the real estate business, it never gets old to see the joy my clients feel when buying their first home or when selling … Read More


With 33 years of experience in the business, I can say that real estate is my passion. I have a long history with foreclosure bank sales and the intricate process … Read More

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